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About Us

About Us

Madac United Company was established in 2009. We save and facilitate time and effort, and we fulfill all your accounting requirements with precision and plan them clearly and properly, which leads to the growth and prosperity of your business activity, and you reap success and excellence, so you should subscribe and try the Madak ERP system, the best cloud program.
When someone asks you about who we are, we are one of the best companies that operate with the ERP system and we make your work easier for you. You will not need a large number of accountants or employees. With the general ERP system, this accounting technology provides you with many calculations with great precision and skill, and all of these are done. Processes faster.
Madac United develops several applications that serve trade and industry, development tools and Madac financial programs. The accounting program is one of the most used programs in Saudi Arabia and abroad.

6 أهمية محاسبة الأعمال وأنواعها

most prominent programs we offer

ERP system

ERP is an abbreviation for Enterprise Resource Planning, and it is a system that helps companies coordinate and manage the various resources that the company needs to achieve its strategic goals. This system integrates all departments and activities within the company, such as human resources, production, sales, distribution, accounting, and purchasing.

Project management software

This program helps companies organize and manage their projects effectively, as it includes many features such as setting tasks and deadlines and optimally distributing resources.

HRM system

This software allows human resources management in companies to manage employees, track their performance, and communicate with them smoothly and effectively.

Inventory management software

This software helps companies manage inventory effectively, track different items, and determine appropriate levels of inventory.

Financial accounts program

This program allows companies to manage their financial accounts easily and effectively, as it provides features such as recording financial transactions and creating various financial reports.

Madac Awb shipping

The best program for international shipping via aircraft that we offer to you at MADAC: An accounting program designed specifically for international shipping companies that contains multiple features that guarantee you a safe and fast shipping process...in coordination with major international airlines.