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Accounting services from Madac

الخدمات المحاسبية مداك

Madac cloud program for electronic invoice

Madac cloud program for electronic invoices is the best accounting program approved by the Zakat and Tax Authority to activate the electronic invoice with the click of a button and the lowest price within the Kingdom is only 80 riyals per month.


Madac ERP Program

Madac  Erp Program is the most powerful program ever to manage sales, purchases, and inventory in your facilities with an ingenious, easy-to-use system.


Design a special program of your choice

Now you can request the design of a complete accounting program for your organization with all its details. All you have to do is imagine the shape of your program with the specifications you want, and MADAC experts will undertake the task of implementation at the best prices.

برنامج محاسبة للجوال

Mobile accounting software

Madac provides a mobile application, a mobile accounting program, to make it easier for sales representatives. The program serves sales operations that take place outside the administration in any place. It supports the sales process (cash – credit – payments), collection operations (cash – network – transfer – check), and the ability to print invoices, returns from invoices, and orders. Selling and offering prices.

برنامج شحن مداك

Madac Awb shipping

The best program for international shipping via aircraft that we offer to you at MADAC: An accounting program designed specifically for international shipping companies that contains multiple features that guarantee you a safe and fast shipping process…in coordination with major international airlines.

المدارس الأهلية scaled 1 e1690316257522

school accounts program

The private school accounts program enables you to manage all the operations that take place within the school, whether these operations are specific to students, teachers, or the school’s general accounts. The schools program divides the school into different stages and links each stage to the grades in which it is present. After this, the grades are linked to the number of classes within each grade. Finally, students are added to the classes.

محاسبة الخرسانة والبلوك scaled 1

Concrete and block factories accounting program

The ready-mixed concrete and block factories accounting program from Madak Arabia for Accounting Systems is the best program for managing and following up on the movements of concrete and block stations and factories through the electronic invoice for concrete factories according to the requirements of the Zakat and Income Authority and following up on the movement model of drivers and pump drivers and their responses.

معارض السيارات scaled 1

Car showroom accounting software

Madac General Erp Program is the most powerful program ever to manage sales, purchases, and inventory in your facilities with an ingenious, easy-to-use system. You can also use the Madak accounting program to manage car showrooms from warehouse management.

برنامج الحسابات العامة 150x150 1

General Accounts Program

The general accounts program from Madac Arabia deals in an excellent manner with accounts, cost centers, general journal entries, fixed asset management, subsidiary journals, periodic and reverse entries, and vouchers for receipt, payment, and disbursement, which facilitates your accounts and the management of assets, imports, and expenses, as well as access to reports, graphs, and reviews of your work.

نقاط البيع والكاشير

Point of sale and cashier program

Point of Sale and Cashier Program The program is specially designed to manage all shops, supermarkets and pharmacies, whether small or large in size and at the appropriate price for your organization. It is considered the best program for shops in terms of ease of making invoices, multiple reports and reviews, periodic and continuous inventory system (automatic – manual), and deficit and surplus adjustments.

الجمعيات الخيرية

Charitable organizations accounts program

The Charitable Societies Accounting Program from Madac General ERP is considered one of the best and most comprehensive accounting programs, as the program provides an integrated accounting system through the organizational structure for managing sales and purchases, and electronic invoice support according to the requirements of the Zakat and Income Authority,

نظام إدارة المخازن

Warehouse management system - Easy Madac

The Easy Madac warehouse management system is considered the best accounting program for managing warehouses and warehouses. The program is specially designed for managing stores and small and medium-sized commercial establishments through the program’s support of the organizational structure for managing sales and purchases and the organizational structure for managing stores and warehouses, receipts, payments, and the movement of revenues and expenses.


Madac Pro accounting software for warehouse and accounts management

Madac Arabia offers a car showroom accounting program that was designed as required to meet the needs of car showrooms and to facilitate the accounting work of the showroom. It contains a large number of features that help you organize your transactions with customers and suppliers and follow up on their accounts with ease, which makes it one of the best accounting programs for car showroom management.

برنامج محاسبة للجوال

برنامج محاسبة للجوال

مداك توفر الموبايل أبليكيشن  برنامج محاسبة للجوال  للتسهيل علي مندوبي المبيعات البرنامج يخدم عمليات البيع التي تتم خارج الإدارة في أي مكان يدعم عملية المبيعات ( نقدي – آجل – دفعات ) عمليات التحصيل ( نقدي – شبكة – حوالة – شيك ) وإمكانية طبع الفاتورة المرتجعات من الفواتير أوامر البيع وعرض اسعار.

المدارس الأهلية scaled 1 e1690316257522

برنامج حسابات المدارس الاهلية

يمكنك برنامج حسابات المدارس الاهلية من إدارة كل العمليات التي تتم داخل المدرسة سواء هذه العمليات خاصة بالطلاب أو بالمعلمين أو الحسابات العامة للمدرسة فيقوم برنامج المدارس بتقسيم المدرسة الي مراحل مختلفة وربط كل مرحلة بالصفوف التي تكون موجودة بها وبعد هذا يتم ربط الصفوف بعدد الفصول داخل كل صف وفي النهاية يتم إضافة الطلاب داخل الفصول .